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If the prices you want an engraved plate instead of a golden touch sticker we request you to the site of order.

 If you order a product from us you will need the options to indicate whether or not it should be engraved. If you choose "yes" then the text lines to fill in your desired text.

 If you opt for such a series of cups (eg, first to the sixth prize), then we will of course adjust the text lines to price. If you for instance that specifies the first line of text should be shown "first prize", we will award the second course the phrase "second prize" engraving. That you do not continue to show the lines of text at the options.
 Cups, images, and graphics standards

 These products can all of us for your engraving (if desired). The required text, we graveerplaatje an engraving after the picturein the right place on the product will be confirmed.

 We use a standard plastic graveerplaatje of 50x15 mm. This image is in gold and silver.

 Depending on the product that you ordered we apply the image to correct color.

 We can engrave up to 3 lines of text on graveerplaatje.